It might take weeks or months for a complex divorce process to reach its conclusion. In that time, the couple will likely have to negotiate property division, debt division, support and custody arrangements. There might be several overlooked aspects of a parenting time schedule, however, including the choice of a neutral custody exchange location. Here are four things to remember when developing a visitation transportation plan.

  • Transportation responsibility: This is likely the main question that needs to be addressed: how will transportation to and from the exchange be handled? Will the parents meet at a neutral location? Will the parents transport the child to the home location?
  • Running late: What procedures will be followed if one parent is running late or needs to reschedule an exchange? Life can sometimes require snap decisions and minor adjustments. Both parents must be flexible and work together. The parenting plan is a perfect time to discuss the steps that must be followed.
  • Transportation costs: From gasoline to regular maintenance to vehicle repairs, it is wise to discuss the transportation costs while developing the parenting time schedule.
  • Air travel: It is not uncommon for a parent to relocate after the divorce. Often, this relocation could be dramatic – several hundred miles away or even across numerous states. In these situations, the parents must work together to decide the parameters for covering the cost of air travel and whether a parent needs to accompany the child on the trip.

Divorced parents will face several additional layers of complexity when handling visitation and parenting time matters. It is crucial that they work together in advance to address as many challenges as possible to avoid disputes in the future.