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When it comes to wills, do-it-yourself may not be smart

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2019 | Wills

There are many steps a person can take to protect his or her interests for the future. One way people can do this is by drafting a strong and thoughtful estate plan. There are various websites and programs that allow people to do this online, but that is rarely a good choice. DIY wills are more likely to contain errors and issues that can lead to complications in the future. 

DIY options for drafting estate plans are attractive options for some in Virginia because they may be a more cost-efficient option. It may be a quicker and easier choice than sitting down with an attorney to draft a will, but these websites often don’t provide support or allow a user to ask questions. Finances and family lives are complex, and a DIY online estate planning service may not be able to account for unique circumstances.

A good estate plan allows a person to express his or her wishes regarding the estate assets and future health care he or she may need or want in the future. Through things such as a will or a power of attorney, a person can have confidence for the future. A DIY program may not provide the ability for a user to have the full amount of protection needed.

When it comes to wills and other estate planning documents, the DIY option may not be ideal. A person will find it beneficial to discuss concerns and goals for the future with an experienced Virginia estate planning attorney. Working closely with a legal professional during this process can help a person avoid problems and missteps that may occur if he or she chooses the DIY option.