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Google ★★★★★ Review.

“Mr. Beale is by far the best attorney I’ve ever worked with. He is thoughtful in framing legal arguments and passionately represented me. He was always extremely prepared for hearings. I have found that many attorneys call you the day before the hearing and then improvise. Mr. Beale is just the opposite. He carefully flushes out the arguments and prepares to win as his did in my case. He also didn’t price gouge me and I found his fees to be reasonable considering the dedication he showed towards my family case.”


Google ★★★★★ Review.

“Joseph is highly knowledgeable, Brilliant attorney I am so grateful for your passion, dedication, professionalism and patience in listening and understanding. I’ve hired lawyers before, but you are truly the best I’ve ever worked with. Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the amazing legal work you did on my behalf.”


Google ★★★★★ Review.

“I recently engaged services of Mr. Beale. I found Mr. Beale to be experienced, knowledgeable and someone who truly cares about his clients. From the first consultation meeting, I found Mr. Beale to be personable and very easy to work with. Mr. Beale would take his time to listen and respond all my questions in a calm and professional manner. Mr. Beale would discuss the strategy by clearly laying out the options and recommended the best course of action. Mr. Beale was always available for a call during work hours, evenings or weekends, which really helped a lot. Mr. Beale’s skills, his experience and sound knowledge of law helped resolve my case in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Mr. Beale to anyone looking for legal services.”


Google ★★★★★ Review.

“Mr. Beale made the process so much easier and executed my case expeditiously and fairly. He was transparent, upfront, extremely reliable, and both professional & personable. I can’t say enough good things about his services from the very beginning I felt protected with empathy & sensitivity. He helped me with two separate issues and did it fast and in a very cost-effective way. I would highly recommend his services for your legal needs. Thank you, Joe!”


Google ★★★★★ Review.

“Joseph is a great attorney, honest, and hard working. He is a great communicator, manages all legal proceedings timely, and most importantly presents his legal arguments effectively and successfully in court. Joseph is an excellent attorney and I recommend him to all my friends!”


“From my first meeting with Mr. Beale, I found him to be very helpful and reassuring. He treated my case with sensitivity, dedication and professionalism, and despite the many roadblocks, he managed to get me the desired outcome. He kept me continuously up-to-date with issues surrounding my case and worked out of hours, including weekends, to prepare for the hearing. He would always return my calls and was patient and understanding throughout. I strongly recommend him to anyone with a family/custody case.”


“If you are in need of legal help, then turn to Joseph Beale. He is a very approachable and caring individual. My experience was nothing short of extraordinary. I was fighting an uphill legal battle that did not look promising from the start. After Joseph showed up, we won.”


“I hired Mr. Beale for a child support case and I was very impressed with his exceptional service, honesty, fairness, knowledge, open communication, responsiveness and professionalism. Hands down, what a great attorney! I was so impressed with the way he paid attention to details on my case. He always kept me in the loop and made sure I understood all aspects of my case. Mr. Beale cares about his client before anything else. He treats his client’s case like it is one of his own. He reviewed everything line by line before he submitted/filed. I am so glad I hired him for my case, and now I have peace of mind knowing that an exceptional attorney like Mr. Beale is out there to help people like me at any time. He is my lawyer to go to for any legal matter! I deeply appreciate Mr. Beale for his exceptional service! Mr. Beale is A+ attorney and made the world a better place to live!”