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Prepare For Life’s Challenges With Powers Of Attorney

No matter what challenges come your way, you want to be prepared to handle them. Powers of attorney documents allow you to put someone else — someone you trust — in charge of your affairs if you cannot act on your own behalf.

I am attorney Joseph H. Beale, and I will take the time to make sure that you fully understand exactly what powers and responsibilities are held by your appointed advocate. Part of my job as your family lawyer is to help you consider your choices for those positions and select a person who can best meet your needs.

What Happens If You Are Unable To Speak For Yourself?

Emergencies happen without warning. If you are not able to speak for yourself, who would you want to handle your most important affairs? A power of attorney can give that person the right to act quickly on your behalf, which may greatly reduce the impact of any crisis on your life.

In Virginia, two types of powers of attorney are common:

  • A general power of attorney allows you to appoint someone as your proxy in almost any situation. It is particularly useful for members of the military who are overseas and want a family member to be able to handle their mail, insurance issues and other important financial matters. It can also be useful for seniors who need assistance with banking or other tasks. The authority of your representative to act on your behalf ends, however, if you become incapacitated.
  • A durable power of attorney remains in effect if you are incapacitated. That makes it particularly useful if you want someone to have the authority to make medical decisions for you if you are not able to make them yourself.
  • A limited power of attorney gives someone authority to handle particular matters that you lay out in the document. This document is useful when you want someone to act on your behalf for a specific transaction such as a real estate purchase.

Having these documents in place can give you peace of mind, since you know that you are prepared for any troubles that come your way.

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Powers of attorney documents are often part of a comprehensive estate plan, but they can be created independently.

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