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Can A Parenting Plan Resolve Your Custody Problems?

A parenting plan is a formal agreement between divorced parents about their future obligations toward their children. It establishes a visitation schedule and aims to divide child-related responsibilities and rights in a way that allows both parents to protect the bond they have with their children.

I am attorney Joseph H. Beale, and I want to help parents resolve their conflicts with minimum anxiety. When a parenting plan is an option, I will work with you to craft an agreement that achieves your goals. I will also help you understand when it is better to forgo the idea of a parenting plan and move toward litigation.

What Are The Benefits Of A Parenting Plan?

A parenting plan lets you — not a judge — decide how you want to handle custody and visitation. Since they do not require litigation, they can be accomplished with less expense.

Parenting plans are also often accomplished quickly, which means that divorcing parents can move on with their lives more rapidly. They are also useful when a change in custody is requested and the parents do not want to spend weeks in court. Parenting plans are only possible, however, when both parties agree on a custody and visitation schedule.

When Is A Parenting Plan Not Possible?

You cannot successfully negotiate a parenting plan with someone who is determined to be uncooperative and difficult. Such a plan is also unlikely when domestic violence is an issue in a marriage, one parent wants to unilaterally relocate with the children or one parent has substance abuse issues.

In those situations, I will not waste a client’s time and money trying to negotiate. I always give my clients an honest evaluation of their circumstances. If negotiation is not in my client’s best interests or seems to be dragging on without progress, I will move to litigation right away.

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Your relationship with your children is priceless. Let me help you preserve it. I will take the time to listen to your situation and advise you of your choices. If a parenting plan is possible, I will negotiate with your objectives firmly in focus.

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