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Help For Victims Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is taken very seriously, and you deserve a protective order when a spouse or partner is violent.

I am attorney Joseph H. Beale, and I know that an immediate response is necessary to get clients out of bad situations. If you are in a violent relationship, your safety and the safety of your children become my top priority.

How Protective Orders Assist Victims Of Domestic Violence

Violence or threats of violence can make your existence a nightmare. I can help you petition the court for a temporary protective order that requires your abuser to stay away from you. At the evidentiary hearing where you ask the court to issue a lasting protective order, I will present evidence in support of your petition and vigorously advocate on your behalf.

I know that efficiency and urgency are important in cases like these. I can help you quickly set up a new living arrangement so that you can stay away from your abuser. I can also help you initiate proceedings for a divorce. If finances are an issue, I can help you determine your eligibility for child support or spousal support.

When children are involved, it may be necessary to mount an aggressive fight to restrict the abuser’s visitation rights or terminate his or her parental rights entirely. I aim to obtain sole custody for my clients in cases involving domestic violence.

Call A Lawyer Who Cares About Your Stability And Safety

I will not treat you like just another case. I will spend time getting to know you and your situation. I will work with you to craft the best possible plan for your future and guide you through this troubled time.

Please call my office at 571-335-3735 for a confidential appointment. I have offices in Herndon and Aldie to serve clients throughout Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. I can also be reached online.