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Moms may have to fight for their financial interests in divorce

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | Divorce

When a Virginia couple has children, it may make sense for one of the parents to leave his or her career and stay home with the children. In many situations, the mother is one who does this. Stay-at-home moms can provide necessary care for young kids, but these women may face significant financial difficulties in the event of a divorce. 

Moms who give up their careers to care for their children play an invaluable role in the home, but it can be difficult to put a monetary value on that. The division of marital property and spousal support for the nonearning spouse should offset the economic inequity brought about by divorce. Unfortunately, many stay-at-home moms find it difficult to get a fair settlement

Studies indicate that women who stayed at home or gave up careers have a difficult time even securing an equitable share of marital property. It is rare for a Virginia mother to get long-tern or permanent spousal support. Women who are facing divorce will find it beneficial to work carefully and diligently to secure a fair agreement that will allow them stability as they transition into post-divorce life.

Divorce can lead to financial hardship, especially for a mother who does not work and needs time to find employment or who is unable to re-enter the workforce for any reason. There is a lot at stake, and these women would be wise to think carefully before they agree to any final terms. They may want to seek experienced legal guidance as they fight for their fair share of marital property and needed financial support.