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These apps can make co-parenting a lot easier

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2020 | Child Custody

If you’ve ever wondered if there is some kind of tool to help with all the planning and organization co-parenting requires, then you’ll be glad to hear that all you need is a cell phone. Whether you are hoping to improve your communication with your co-parent or be more attentive to your child’s needs, there is most likely an app you can download and use.

There is no perfect approach to co-parenting. But raising your children with your ex after divorce does take a mix of strong communication and collaboration. Just as you use social media apps to keep in touch with friends or a banking app to track personal finances, there are many co-parenting apps that can make life easier.

Peaceful communication

There are plenty of catch-all options when it comes to co-parenting apps. For example, coParenter has messaging, scheduling, expense tracking and document organization features. It also helps users make and manage everyday parenting decisions, like setting a new bedtime or choosing a different salon for your child.

One feature that sets coParenter apart from other apps is the artificial intelligence technology that helps keep conversations civil. Plus, you can request someone from their network of professionals, including legal experts and therapists, to help moderate a conversation or solve a co-parent issue.

Family journal

Cozi gives a place for parents to organize child-related needs and share milestones. In addition to being able to run a color-coded schedule that keeps all your children in mind, you can also use the family journal portion of the app to share child updates and memories. It’s exciting to watch your children grow, but you sometimes miss out on the small things when you don’t live with them full-time. With Cozi, you can write a journal entry about your son’s success at a soccer game or your daughter’s detailed painting to help keep your co-parent stay in the loop when they can’t always be there firsthand.

Pre-installed apps

Many phones also have built-in apps that can make for successful co-parenting, from basic texting apps that allow you to share messages, photos, documents to calendars you can sync.

No matter where you are in your co-parenting journey, remembering you can use your phone to help you along the way can help keep you sane and your kids happy.