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How accurate is that paternity test?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2021 | Family Law

When a child’s paternity is called into question, the issue can become a massive part of a custody case, affect orders of support and more. Getting a definitive answer about that child’s paternity can truly become critical, which is why DNA tests are often used.

But can you trust a paternity test? If a test will determine your relationship with this child for the rest of your life, you need to know that it is accurate. 

DNA accuracy is as close as possible to 100%

No test is 100% accurate. This is why it’s best for parents to simply know who the father is initially and to be honest about it. That said, there are certainly cases where this is hard or impossible, so it’s very understandable that tests could be needed. 

The good news is that DNA tests are 99.9% accurate, which is as close to 100% accurate as they can get. Modern tests are fully trusted by scientists, doctors and legal professionals. If you have one taken, you can rely on those results. 

What are your rights as a father?

Once you know if you are a child’s actual parent or not, you need to understand your rights. Regardless of their own relationship, both parents often have a right to see their child, and they’re both required to help provide care and support for that child.

You must know exactly what legal options you have to make sure your rights are honored. An experienced advocate can help you assert your right to visitation or custody and make sure that you only pay your fair share of support.