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Who to inform you’re getting divorced and how to do it

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2022 | Divorce

Couples in Ashburn and elsewhere in Virginia might prefer to be tight-lipped when it comes to announcing their divorce to family, friends and colleagues. If the split was unexpected or especially painful, both spouses would probably rather not say much about it. However, there are some people who need to be told, and it must be done in a way that feels comfortable for you. Of course, your children should be told first.

Take control of the situation instead of letting people randomly hear of your break-up through the office grapevine, social media or other channels. By telling people yourself, you can choose exactly how much you are willing to share, when and where.

How to break the divorce news

Keep your disclosure as unemotional as you can. Don’t accuse your partner of anything. Be compassionate and gentle because this may come as a jarring surprise to many. Those you inform about your divorce don’t need to know every detail. You can say this is a time of major transition for you and your family, and you truly appreciate their understanding and support.

  • Close friends merit more than a tidbit or two about what’s happening in your life. Affirm that your relationship with them is still very important. Mention that you will talk more after you have adjusted to the new reality of being single.
  • Your parents could react with stunned dismay. Let them know their presence in your life while you go through this rough patch really means a lot to you.
  • Briefly let your supervisor at work know about your divorce in case you have to take some time off to be at legal proceedings.
  • Family members outside your immediate circle can be told the bare basics. Hopefully they will understand you aren’t ready to say more.

Think about telling your kids’ doctor, your co-workers, your children’s teachers, and anyone else in your circle that you wish to inform.

Imparting this news is just one task among many currently facing you

Getting divorced puts a lot on your plate. Coping with all of it at once can be stressful and complicated. Having someone to count on for direction can be central to resuming your life successfully.