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What immediate changes will the decision to divorce bring?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2021 | Divorce

One mistake many people make in a divorce is to only look to the future. They spend days dreaming about what will happen once the divorce is finalized but forget that the moment one spouse utters the magic words “I want a divorce,” life will never be the same again.

If you are still only considering divorce, but have not mentioned it to your spouse, take time to secure your immediate future first. Think back to how you felt when a former boyfriend or girlfriend told you it was over. It hurt, and that pain may have caused you to do some crazy things. With a marriage, you can expect any reaction to be much worse.

Divorce takes preparation

Think about the options for the next few months now, while things are calm. Protecting your position is not sly or cunning. It is good common sense. You have a stressful time ahead, and you need to ensure you are ready for all that could happen:

  • Secure your finances: Getting through a divorce requires money. Make sure you have money put aside to pay for essentials such as food, housing and legal fees. You can seek a court order to prevent your spouse from moving funds or cutting you off financially during the divorce process.
  • Secure your accommodation: Many couples think they can handle living in the same home until the divorce goes through, and they can part ways. Yet, it is more challenging than you think, especially if things between you turn sour.
  • Secure your support network: Telling a best friend to keep Saturday night free cause you might need a shoulder to cry on once you tell your spouse it’s over avoids you having to sob alone.
  • Secure your kids: The little people in your life are going to find divorce confusing and distressing.  Sending them to your mom’s can help them avoid any screaming or shouting in the immediate aftermath of your divorce announcement.

Knowledge is critical in a divorce. Getting the basic legal information ahead of time can help you prepare and give you a better chance of emerging relatively unscathed.