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Should you and your co-parent birdnest in your Oak Hill home?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2023 | Divorce

As parents look to minimize the impact of a divorce on their children, the concept of birdnesting has been gaining attention. It moves away from the idea of children traveling between two households. Instead, this co-parenting arrangement keeps them in the family home while the parents take turns staying with them.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of allowing your children to stay in their home in Oak Hill while you and your ex move between residences?


The greatest advantage of birdnesting is the stability it provides for your children. It allows them to remain in their home and school district. It also keeps disruption to a minimum and helps to maintain familiar routines. With birdnesting, children can stay in their neighborhood and keep their friend groups, which are essential for this unsettling time.

Birdnesting also minimizes the stress of arranging meet-ups for exchanges and helps to improve communication, which benefits everyone. 


While birdnesting provides stability and routine to the children, it does have its drawbacks. Birdnesting requires a lot of civility and cooperation, which may be difficult if the separation is contentious. There is also a potential for conflict regarding the upkeep of the house and yard. Birdnesting also delays the emotional closure and makes it hard for either spouse to move on with their lives. 

Birdnesting is not for everyone, even as a temporary solution. But after reviewing the pros and cons, it might be worth considering.