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What should you do if your kids hate your child custody plan?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Child Custody

Divorcing and newly divorced parents in Brambleton and other Virginia regions worry about the effects of divorce on their kids. Divorce is hard on everyone, and the youngest family members often find it hard to cope with a split.

A byproduct of these coping difficulties is that your children may complain about or refuse to cooperate with your child custody orders. How can you know if their complaints are valid or just a side effect of your divorce? More importantly, what can you do to make things better for everyone?

Give them some time to adjust

Anytime a stable family routine becomes disrupted, it is bound to cause a stir among your kids. Before disobeying or ignoring a child custody order issued by an Aldie or Oak Hill family court judge, allow your children some time to become accustomed to their new arrangements. Over time, they may be more accepting of the custody and visitation plan.

Watch for real issues that may arise

You and your co-parent will almost certainly recognize any real issues that arise from your child custody plan. Keep an eye on your kids’ school performance, social inclusivity and psychological wellbeing. If you or your co-parent notice any troubling changes in your children, you may need to review your custody and parenting arrangements.

You have options

If it turns out that your child custody plans are indeed harming your kids, you might qualify for a modification. Family courts in Herndon, Ashburn and Reston often approve child custody modifications that benefit kids of divorce. The main factor judges examine is whether the proposed changes will continue preserving the best interests of your children.