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Talking about divorce with an age-to-age guide

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2023 | Divorce

Divorce can be a tricky subject to broach with your children. It could help to know what to talk about before you discuss the news of your divorce with your children. You may need to know exactly what will happen after the divorce, such as if you will share custody with your children’s other parent or if one of you will have sole custody.

You may also need to know if your children will have to change schools after the divorce or if they will need to move homes. These are things your children may initially worry about since they may not exactly understand what divorce means.

One thing to consider before talking about divorce is your children’s ages. Children process information differently at different ages. The following could help you as you talk about divorce:


It’s often hard to tell how infants will react as the divorce proceeds. An infant won’t likely understand what divorce means. They may not remember any of the changes that happened as they get older.

Grade schooler

Grade schoolers may struggle to understand exactly what divorce means, but they may have a vague concept. When explaining what divorce means, you may need to simplify it. You may not need to talk about every detail of the divorce. They may not immediately react to the news and only fully understand what divorce means as things change around them.

Teens and young adults

Teenagers or young adults will likely have a strong understanding of divorce. Your explanation can be more in-depth to help them process the news. Many teenagers react to the news by shutting themselves in their rooms, leaving the house more or not communicating with their parents. It may take longer for teenagers to adjust to divorce, but giving them time and space could help them adjust.

If you’re getting a divorce, it can help Ashburn families to learn your legal options as you discuss child custody and schedules.