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Do you need a parenting plan after a divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | Child Custody

Most parents think about needing a custody plan after their divorce, but not all of them think about a parenting plan. 

Parenting plans are different because they outline how two parents will raise their children after divorce. These plans are usually required in family divorce cases because addressing differences in parenting priorities or habits is important. 

What goes into a parenting plan?

Parents should try to come up with a parenting plan that they’re both happy with. In your parenting plan, you should include information such as:

  • The health care details for your child
  • Legal and physical custody details
  • Extracurricular activity information
  • The visitation schedule
  • College expenses information
  • How you’ll resolve any disagreements that arise

A good parenting plan can be helpful as you get used to parenting in two homes.

What kinds of mistakes could negatively impact a parenting plan?

Your parenting plan needs to be detailed enough to cover most common situations that could arise, such as handling discipline or health care needs. You should discuss travel, how you want to handle disagreements, guidelines for paying for medical care, what happens if one parent needs to relocate and other vital topics. 

Preparing a parenting plan is a good idea for all parents following a divorce. If your ex-spouse won’t work with you on a parenting plan, then you can work on your own plan and submit it to the court. The judge will review it and make adjustments if they are needed, so that you and the other parent do have guidelines to follow as you raise your children together but in separate homes. This plan helps keep you on the same page and gives you something to refer back to if an issue arises.