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2 things to remember when divorcing with kids

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2022 | Child Custody

You will have a lot on your mind if going through a divorce. If you are a parent, you have even more to worry about. Aside from sorting out your future, you need to figure out your children’s and cope with their usual demands.

As with most parenting issues, you learn some things through trial and error, but there is also lots of good advice out there. Here are two things to remember:

Your child is likely feeling scared

As adults, you retain control over your future. In effect, the divorce process is you and your spouse trying to get the future you want. Spare a thought for your kids. They might have had their future mapped out, at least partially. For instance, they knew that they could make the football team if they improved their speed. Or that they could spend weekends hanging out with their friends provided they got home on time and did not do anything to upset you.

Now what? If you move them to a new Reston school, they might have no idea how to make the team. As for weekends, until you sort out the custody schedule, they cannot be sure where they will be or if they will be free on weekends.

The sooner you decide things, the sooner your child can start to rebuild on the new situation

Are you moving or aren’t you? Can your child attend the same school or not? It is easy to drag out a divorce fighting over every little detail. Yet the longer it takes to settle matters, the longer your child remains in suspense. If you can work together with your spouse to end your marriage, you can all move on sooner. Creating a parenting plan provides your child with the framework to build their life from here on in.